From the Desk of the Principal


December 2016

CCHS is bursting at the seams with activities around the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays!  Thanksgiving food boxes, the Angel Tree Project, Christmas toys and food boxes, as well as the Christmas concerts, all point toward the compassion of our Panthers.

As I ponder on what this season means to me, I realize that you, the CCHS student body and staff, are a true reflection of all that encompasses the season.  Selfless giving, selfless sacrifice, to meet the needs of others.  That is truly what is at the heart of the Christmas season.

Semester exams and the OEPA visit created a very hectic time for us as we were winding down the semester.  However, it has been an amazing observation as I watched our Panthers putting others before themselves with their Panther Acts of Kindness (PAKs).   Stickers, cards, and handwritten notes made their way around the halls of CCHS.  Each one brought a smile, and might have been the key element to making someone’s day.    I received one particular note that did change the course of my day and helped me realize that I too have the ability to change another life, even if it is simply in the form of a smile.

I wish for you a blessed Christmas season.  Relax and enjoy time with your friends and family!



Clay County High School Named to the Best Schools in America List  - Release February 2013

What are the elements that create an award winning high school?  Could it be high ACT scores or double digit Advanced Placement (AP) courses?  Perhaps it might be collaborative courses built around a career or college courses available throughout the day?  Some may say the award winning elements include universal free meals or after school opportunities for students.  Local administration may mention the 60% of the student population that is included in extra or co-curricular activities such as FFA, FBLA, TSA, athletics, National Honor Society, musical groups, or Student Council.   Would yearly scholarship awards totaling $570,000 for a AA sized school be an element of a quality high school?

US News and World Report takes each of these elements into consideration when they select “America’s Best High Schools”.   College going rates, services to under-served populations, and higher than average performances rates are reviewed for each school.  Clay County High School received the Bronze award from the magazine and news group.

This designation is cause to celebrate the work of the staff and students at CCHS.  This designation becomes even more impressive when other schools in WV are reviewed.  Eight high schools received a silver award, all of which are in population centers of the state where poverty rates are lower and employment opportunities are higher than in Clay County.

Congratulations to the staff and students of CCHS!  You continue to shine.  Receiving recognition from a national organization is impressive, but it is the work you do every day that makes a difference in the lives of our students.