A Dedication to Sarah Bragg

Sunfast by Lisa Arnold

A single sunbeam in a sky of endless clouds.
What can it accomplish?
A quiet mission seeking no praise.
What could be its purpose?
A patch of warmth on a chilled earth,
Providing a blanket of compassion.
A light of ardor to turn our faces unto,
Grateful souls soaking up the hope.
A band of optimism,
overcoming even the darkest storms.
A ray of inspiration,
bridging the gaps of humankind.
A single sunbeam in a sky of endless clouds.
What could be its legacy?

A Dedication from Connie Kerr to Sarah Bragg

Sept. 1958, just a couple months before I was born, Sarah Anne Bragg was born. We were the same age. Shortly after her birthday this year - way too young, she passed away.
From living in a small town, I’ve known Sarah since High School. I watched her marry her high school sweetheart, have children, and grandchildren. We weren’t close friends, but she always had a smile for me, and I considered her a friend. For the past 10 years, I taught in the room just down the hall from her room at Clay County High School. I have watched her friendships, new and old, come but never go. Friends with a smile, forever and always.
This past week has been so surreal… Walking among the students that loved her so much… I have heard from so many how she had helped them. Some with life lessons that they will take through life, and, like me, simple little things that I remembered this week that she has given, just because. Some simply an uplifting moment with that contagious smile that she always shared so freely.
It’s always hard to say goodbye; I will always remember her… Today, I think about and pray for her family, her students, and her friends. May we always cherish the gifts she gave, especially her smile.

A Dedication from Philip Dobbins to Sarah Bagg

Mrs. Bragg was always a generous, giving person, never hesitating to donate to numerous causes and programs in support of any good causes, as well as Clay County High School, without her kindness and understanding throughout her many years employed, many students who have grown to see greatness would have never achieved it without her.
Mrs. Bragg was a great friend to many people, always trying to make friends, she would go out of her way to befriend even the most reluctant individual.
Mrs. Bragg was a caring person, always willing to lend an ear and offer advice is necessary, and would try to do everything in her power to help them, friend or not.
Mrs. Bragg was willing to cover for co-workers in times of need without any kind of hesitation, she loved her friends in Clay County High School, Student and teachers alike, she would always strive to help them.